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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 10, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> steve: anks very much to betty out in south carolina reminding us to wear pink today for breast cancer awareness month. >> brian: tomorrow, bob msi, michelle malkin a general thil a day.n wh reay see you tomorrow. bill: this will be a big day today. a stunngdeveloent on response to terror attack in atpe tghnto beziepmber 11th. the state department is now saying it always knew the assault that killed four americans was preplanned and was not the result of a spontaneous protest over a fi av bhois gog, eyb i'm martha maccallum. that revelation puts the state department in direct contradiction what the white house said in the days after the attack when senior
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administration officls tetewnegmbdo attack to anger over a movie. bill: want to start with peter doocy live in washington. the why is the state department now saying the attack not sonou thybe ofse armed attackers is unprecedented in recent diplomatic history. plus there was no protest in front of consulate on the night of the attack. the people insehe re:.mrxpon
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>> we have no iormation to suggest that it was a plea neta ot reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of. >> in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> reporter: we know the administrati did internallylassy as orta win 2 re hours from now in a house oversight committee hearing just across the street thats being billed simply as the security failures of benghazi. bill. bill: i'm looking at four witnesses. yet heads up what they will >> h atlbi e emic nordstrom, the regional security officer for libya in the state department already told congressional investigators abou 230 security incidents from last june to this july. these incidents pnt
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vienias fre be aou degrade quickly. certainly not a environment where posts should be directed to normalized operations and reduced security resources in accordance with an artificial timetable. e e' h f'soneari ode nreroaew the utah army national garth who was in charge of a security team in benghazi that left lib a few weeks before the attack. he told cbs as soon as he arrived in february there was pressure from theta depant snkhe setyce eareisfog r,nku. on that leading our coverage in washington. martha. martha: there is much more on this stunning development. did the white house cover up the attack in benghazi for political reasons? that is the question, really. that's what it b d welskth tus rrl is.than he will join us in a little while. he will lead the
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congressionalinquiry that gets underway this afternoon. tennessee senator b corker. he is on the senate foreign ticote gdineakn twthe wte house and the state department in the 24 to 48 hours after that attack. let's get you back to the battleground states and back to election 2012. we go to ohio as governor romn l tud nt ih t de-re white house bid. there was a huge 10% divide in ohio not long ago. it has tightened. with know republican eer has won the presidcy without carrying ohio. la n eat2, sute,ronhi paing lot to hear governor romney speak. >> i've been watching some of the, president obama's rallies and they chant four more years, four more years and day there are 28 days the taneio
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reks,ouo weeks. all right? [cheers and applause] and with an audience like this -- >> four more weeks. four more weeks. ure s.ore weeks. u hedea. martha: john roberts is traveling with the romney campaign. he is in mount vrnon, ohio, this morning. john, how are things looking? a lot of big changes in the numbers we're seeing in ohio? >> rteertaly a geisthto bifmm 'votldnd rain. the battle for ohio is on, martha. the "real clear politics" average has the race within a point and governor romney certainly has a lot of momentum comin out of the debate. will be viting fr esto ois cagnng r thek eck well on the stump with governor chris christie of new jersey who so boldly predicted a couple sundays ago that
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after the debate the race would be turned on his head. d magorsi lls,hie ob en sis o e mr. president you have lived inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue for four years. if you can't change washington from inside the white house, then les get you plane ticket back to heanpl] you've ened. >> reporter: difficult to overstate how important the buckeye state is for governor romney. he has a very narrow path to 270 electoral votes, mtha. it is difficult h he d it eto v.o ha ihn fonoer day big bird remains a big issue still coming from the lips of president obama, mrs. obama, also mentioned big bird in the last 24 hours. what is the latest with th? >> reporter: really is que stdny'ebate.
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president obama made a central focus of the campaign. "wall street journal" out with an editorial out, big bird, small president. pointing out that "sesame street" has assets of $289 million. and iseavinv he a pteeq do ie asi heampaign trail governor romney sgesting he is a little surprised that president obama couldn't fd something more important to talk about. >> time like this for the president to get up and say, as he has ov thest cuonaigdh is kind of a strange thing in my view because see i'm focused on helping the american people get good jobs and brighter prospects. [applause] >> reporter: today's event, wnllti natural gas come pros source. this was started in a fellow's basement with investment of 10,000. now employs 1200 people.
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it is real example of romney campaign would point tas uiry eso cs j energized an been enthusiastic according to the reports in ohio on the ground that is a perhaps a the presidential nominee and supporters are sensing momentum may be moving in theiren. ohenb pma wke tlen thi, not distortions, not negative ads it will be about the proposeals that mitt romney and paul ryan have to put people back to work in northeast ohio and get thedefitnd dhi heanpl] itoiobt his pro-growth proposals to restore the american dream. martha: you can hear it. that is the push in ohio this week from the romney campaign, spending four out of five days in the buckeye lld on o t ek. state of ohio.
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you heard so much about this. there is a very good reason why ohio is such a battleground. on our map section what we've done and wi do for the next four weeks, we ttoutabaown t in tlineles considered too close to call. in the middle of all of this is the state of ohio here. put what if scenario into action here. if you put the surveys we've taken right here the present appears to have ttne19ralot w ohio? if we were to click on mitt romney here and give him 18 electoral votes in the buckeye state you see where his number jus to 209. you wonderwhats e gyhiot o asu f00 w toc and senator obama. it ohio it went democratic, went blue, a huge victory for the president then. but just yesterday he went back right here to the heart of the state, that is
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franklin county, cpita cityum er dnghi s yor ter he found so many votes just four yearsgo. now you see why he is going back yet again. if you then look at governor romney's strategy today, he is not going to columbus but ing st nth it waou ff columbus and overhere in knox county where we saw john roberts. if you start to see the strategy now as for why ohio is so critical andthe number of times, for en t o te -dinh and yo in that what if scenario how critical that could be in the end four weeks away. martha, back to you. martha: thanks, bill. focus shifts to the vice-president deng debate which happens tomorrow night. earlier i satown ce reh s tay t us'sni mapa ryan. >> i'm excited again for the american people to see him.
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they don't know him. he is sh a great guy. he is so genuine. he is so ernest. he is so well-spoken he sontelligen kns hiac itlat fpl tow et ce ma: mrs. romney also had some choice words for the obama campaign and its accusation that governor romney had lied during the debate. we're going to show you what she said about that. that is coming up. l thl llokorto thal 10:15 live. new polling from the battleground state of nevada it shows a virtual tie. president up only a point 47-46% according to aurve he " t p viou.asas four years ago president obama easily won the state by 12 percentage points. today nevada has highest unemployment rate in the nation that could support governor romney's point that
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thneto ce er niewl hamerysh interesting numbers emerging now. we're getting started this morning. we've got much more on the big story of today. the stunning news out of the state department, that goes directly against this statement that was gven just days after th tack ttfoio besement we have today, is that in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. that what happened initially was that it was a spontaneous rction to what irdust tspn gayoranic thtpant. now saying that it always knew that the assault wasn't the result o a protest. so was there a cover-up hear is the big question. senator bob corker is up next. bill: he jus g back from aae ag ra atvery driver in america needs to hear. martha: could the ama campaign's liar, liar,
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bill: want to move back now to our top story. lawmakers set to grill state partment officials exactly what happened in the terror attack in libya. this is the state department nowaate light i ysw ak w prnndeeen obdmistration officials in the days after that attack pointing the blame at anti-muslim film. senator bob corker is on the
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foreign relations committee. isth f tis na wmeme and good morning to you. >> bill, good morning to you. good to be back. bill: thank you. based on what you have learned, was this a cover-up? well, look, i can just teitelaal urventy k w terrorist attack as it was happening and certainly within 24 hours. knew most every detail about what had happened. that's why i said fom the f ullisning this has been regarding the operations on the ground i know there is a hearing today. there will be a lot of discussions but the fact is when we have these unsic plen shun airy role inerr of policy issues that have to
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be answered and i'm sure the hearing today will be helpful in that regard. to me --. bill: we're looking forward to gettg some headlines here. let me back up just a moment. urhittt saidn ely mira k dhew? >> there is no question, and i think today, i mean there's been ref vailings -- velations through ap and other place, the state department i saying this, erewhwan or ak,th i nost that is why this has been totally bizarre. to me, bill, what this has been about, i've been at a loss as to why all of this would have been portrayed that it is and to me what i think it is about and wel so,nkis ksthhaer aniti i khe k t presidt is very vulnerable with his mission accomplished, spiking the football regarding usama bin laden. the fact is that extremism and violent groups and al qaeda is ve much on t
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ghta we.e ae the arab spring has create ad whole new opening for these extremist violent groups to really come agains democratic values. and you think what they ow estndat is very, te a t s, in all of this there have been americans who have been heroic. i met two gentlemen, i wot give the details, i promise you almost every american would bemotily esop rin r ic to m t white house has done in order to save their own political skin and faux image on a this sue, they have dishonored many people around this world, the many people that sacrificed their lives and in is case, the peoplein nghaha ecosop tal push forward our national interests. and so i think that's what
9:20 am
this, --. bill: these are heavy charges. now are you suggesting that based on what you have learned that secretary clintohatsi g ugl aee >> well, i don't use those kinds of words. i just know that, i know that you know, people have known from the very beginning that tse were terrorist atsd k, ok hevyalof fire that was taking place. the distce from which it was occurring. i mean this was a very sophistited attack. and i'll leave it to hearings, i kw there are investigations but there is questi th, t es lsur rn, tsaswn iny nn and i don't know --. bill: but the explanation you're offering us now is that this was all about an election. you stand by that? >> i don't think there is any question. i mean i look at the susan ce
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yo shadow of a doubt that, that it was known differently that this was not abt any film. and i think she candidly,my theory and i don't know, we'll fiut,omeb gmepo,k tth k eshrer . you know, she's, so, you know, we'll see whathappens. let's get back the fact is that this was a terrorist at act. i thinmost us knew and thought it was a terrorist act omhevery nn t tatcng demehae sng that. and, again, to me this is all about a presidential election and it's all about a white house. this is my opinion now. okay? i don't, a white house that ct chees emirotecthi groups around the world. the fact is they're mutating. the world is very dangerous place.
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we have many outstanding americans that are trying to pursue our national interests in vngs aus rss that way in the future sew that the likelihood of this happening again is remote. bill: bob corker, thank you for your time. back after this. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? callerial ruct sem. thpeatimal crt
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♪ . billjust when it is getting cold in the east. surf is up. it is way up in hawaii. earlier than expectedte onad ghanus rid stay out of that surf. that's the warning. you know what surfers do, they ignore that device. two surfers treated at a
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hospital for their injuries so serious. take it that way. w.hackwagt suert exedoar pti larkeon ama action this morning. a white student brought this lawsuit against the university of texas back in 2008. e claimed that she didn't get in despite good grades and that her spot went to a less qualied student who s a minor anbrjo u ide em c. ise university defending their policy, shannon? >> reporter: well, martha, first of all the univsity says it is in compliance with the current law as it stands under the supreme court rulings that are now in place, that are good ey ticheut echaetsat, alheanke s they have a student body that is diverse, or reflects exactly what is going on in texas, the makeup of the demographic there. supporte with the chief council of constitutional acuntalityce hahevey inalyig qualified pool of students
9:27 am
and then when deciding which students to admit they're looking bond test scores to many of the things that you mentioned but also, as one ofhose factors, just one, tng icco >> rtehe a do oivti all across the united states who have joined here with the universityf texas to support that position, martha. martha: so what's the argument against that, shannon. >> reporter: it is interesting note before e unersi ofex it pynes idg , t ngs tyh king top 10% academically of all high school graduates within the state of texas. that brought them a pretty good mix. but they said we want to take it a step further. once the supreme court ve ceo milddeenight in se ailhe, white female said that worked to her disadvantage. attorney david gibbs says that leaves the court with one big question today. >> the big questionn affirmative action where the
9:28 am
color of yr skin you'r t gome e itai or should we really go to more of a merit-based system where every student, regardless of the color of their skin is treated by thetate fairly. datiicirter that isha ic k red hef usas work as solicitor general in the case as it was bubbling up through the court system. unless throws them another curveball, with conservatives they should be happy about his position. scna oisf famous lne ras top discriminating on basis of race. real swing vote will be justice anthony kennedy. all eyes on him in this particular case. martha: this could have long implications. very fascinating cas, lltnggo key cide ngs change. a deadly outbreak now.
9:29 am
spreading. a desperate race to find thousands of americans that might at risk for fungal meningitis. serious stuff. martha: the am cpaig o a sd ttneedin a fas there to back that up? will this strategy backfire for them. tell me what you think about this. send me a tweet @marthamaccallum. more after the break.
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martha: well the obama
9:33 am
campaign is already come out and called gornor romne msisectoary a lia t ith n de. big question now, will that strategy backfire or will it work for them? here are some thoughts on that from senator john mccain. >> this is a new lo this is a really a new low. su j to call that candidate a liar? what is that all about? it's, it means that they're out ideas, altitude and airspeed. martha: tuerarls, d xewstror"the dailyalle eho ohebook, thank the liberals for saving america. thank you both for being here today. alan, let me start with you. does that reflect a campaign out its own ideas? >> let me back up for a second. dofo th rey ttne be t
9:34 am
de saihe will have to tell so many lies i have to straighten stiff out the debate. referred to obama during the debating suggested obama wasn't telling the truth. this is not a one-way street. let's no act as ifon ais g . lasot al no way problem any can make the math add if he was going to be revenue neutral. in one sentence he said he would not lower taxes on the thot ees ome aricaan w lrex rate from 35, 40 to 35% or to 25%. how can both be true? you can't say i'm lowering tax without lowering t. >> yu're raingee edn at. lole w c unless he is going to do that you don't have the math to do it. martha: see he said would take it to congress to decide how loopholes. >> he has not been specific at all. martha: okay.
9:35 am
cker what do you think abouhis strategy because omry fere hearing i gi o dhein different mitt romney showed up the other night. the president has joked about it. bill clinton been joking in las vegas. welcome back, mitt romney. who is this guy? this is clearly where they're going to go here. mbi t ko? ug a icly th all campaigns accuse one another of dishonesty, bending the truth that is pre conventional. what is different here, as you suggested this is strategy. this is the core obama argument agast romney. iad pon l. ire is personal attack. i'm not whining about that. i'm merely noting that it is not a very effective sttegy. it winds the base up. gets people already goingo vote for you pretty darn excited. ey want to heir erghotht d't cinon he end it is not a argument.
9:36 am
it a growl, a primal scream. is barking right. it doesn't lead you to anywhere. >> romney done that to obama. why are we only talking abouone sid amiaal h cs the continuing fb bringcations he is how he is hurt. he flip-flopped on abortion yesterday. what does he stand for? mart: but here he is, to my mind, this is a great, wonderful thg a ys the ft w the other night which was, somewhat unusual format which really allowed them to talk about who th were. what you were seeing up there in many ways, was not the campais. d hnc tou saw the two men. t. rtthadnc encounter each other when called on it. so it is difficult to say anyway anybody was portrayed in a way that was unfair. >> obama didn't call him a liar during t debate. a lot of opleishe.
9:37 am
o tevat. ma: ouhink it would be a good idea. >> i wouldn't use word liar. his feet have to be held to the fire. if you want to make numbers work, what loopholes will be cut how but i willdo it without taxingnf ops ollg foduns? how will you make the numbers work. he has to answer that question. >> but look --. martha: are we seeing a different version of mitt romney in your mind? >> i think romney, it is well-documentethat mbf esaposion a evd. gesonhee buisot, my job is not to defend romney. this is to tell the truth. hear is the truth. this is not a contest between pierce. this is contest between a guy run theountry four kehipland a guy wan to geenis rendn tam txten obama is unable to defend his own program last four years, tell me exactly why this has
9:38 am
worked? he is not even willing to attempt that. it is a shallow strategy. martha: let mesk you this. let's, we're ryryi u tra . anet skou th us early what we heard from robert gibbs and others this will be central to the strategy as we go into the next debe. do you think it is wise? do you say go for it? at de yan to choose and here is what you said last february. here is what you said on this date. here is what you said on thatate. which is the real mittomney? will the real mtt romney please stand up. thats what i think they ythaenino asotki dgr ma: e avit. that's why we call it a debate. thank you very much, alan. good to see yo bill: good luck on the book, alan. >> thank you very much have. bill: ann romney has choice words for presidentbama and his reaction t the bate
9:39 am
e am ti a bchen that is all in martha's interview you will see next hour. martha: governor taking a lead in all important battleground states. one pollsters not even mnaye ieori ba befi t 's ed rollins comes up on that. >> let's commit ourselves to everyday american people, "joe six-pack", hockey moms across the nation. we need to band together. >> talk about the marick hncin. ie he b mri soss hes n a mic on things that matter to people's lives.
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haisgws this morning. the u.s. military is now setting up camp in jordan to help with humanitarian crisis that is spilling in from syria. the task force ss it is ,0 reehoveeg come across tt border.
9:43 am
the obama administration declined to offer military support to rebels in syria fighting governmentorces there. so far more than 30,00 ncchn s.i0,000 peopl hve : tst t ly m mitt romney now leading president oba in scott rasmussen's swing state survey, 49-47%. that poll tracks 11 key bagr ss t t eyoerargo oins, fox news contributor, served as national direct for president ronald reagan's re-election team in 1984. he worked on numerous other campaigns. good to have you back. >> good morni. waoopecs s mt. raspngt yoei out there? >> momentum clearly gone toward romne momentum is important in the closing days of the campaign. he has it. the that debate made him an acceptable alternate to
9:44 am
the president. th baln tdent has d mnnia, his people are enthusiastic. we always knew it would be a close race. right now people are very, very enthused about romney's opportunities. bill: you say that voters are judging him as a serious terne. enn a ocs statement like that? >> first of all an incumbent is always very difficult to beat. people hed him to do a job. obviously this president has not done the jb. fore you fire him, in essence what the votersave ove, ha ag 1980. y jimmy carter went out and tagged him as reckless all the rest of it. once people saw reag in the debate all of sudden the tide turned and he won a dramatic landslide. th coupehiim n pctgnde burein a victory. bill: two days ago i watched
9:45 am
upstairs watching a monitor, you pointed to it and said he is already a different person. what do you see in mitt romney? >> i think obviously when you've been down and beat d yo hetl dril ieig iting run a big vi gets you in a different mindset. he senses the crowd. he fees it. he feels he can wi i think that is always reencouraging to a candidate. bill: gives him more nfidce. llll oktpent'atn neamre what was it a week ago? mitt romney was down 15 points. according to the latest po. look to the far right of your screen. blue is obama, r is romney. look how close these two men have moved now, n six poinp eda fch pme thisst three-point spread there. florida is too close to call. ohio said to be a toss-up. all this stuff is ming so fast. >> those are winnable states. new hampshire has a history of flipping in thend. lashthavdmpetitive ate.
9:46 am
d a summer home there for a long time. governing in the nghboring state. obviously he needs, as i said on this show before, florida, ohio, you don't win the two you're not not game. virgia, h li llersoero last night on "o'reilly factor", suffolk, university, said he is not polling anymore in florida, north carolina and virginia. he said romney has those stes in the ba io't nngt ssno wo. you have to get vote out there to make sure they vote. campaigns certainly haven't stopped polling in those states. if he doesn't want to do it that's fine. we don't get victory until after election day. o seas b about libya. he is meeting with hillary clinton at 2:00 in
9:47 am
afternoon. how big after distraction could this be. >> this is really his on the job performance. not about "same street or des at rvae whsle e cotereli where an american ambassador was killed and other americans who were there in our consulate. you better have the right story. they put a spin story out turning out not to be true. that is a big, big facto if you didn't do what u cotoef o our amadwhke he, l din a pool asked for the lifeguard to come in. if you don't go in and help them you bear responbility. bill: move to one more topic. thanks for playing along with us. there is lot to cov here. that is the debate everybody would be talking about this me tro d jbi l s u ast e r? nky v young, energetic and extremely smart. he knows the government better than anybody in spite of the fact that den has been in government for a long, long time. asar as facts figus, nuers, e betho e r tgs,ob
9:48 am
soxpt they want to get into debate on facts and figures he will extremely well. he is young, he is dynamic. he is personable. bill: you're selling him very strong. do you want to go there? nmeens ten >>anll n disrespect to mrs. palin and held her own and may have won the debates four years ago and certainly didn't have the substance or knowledge he has today. bill: joe biden has been holed up for six straight days. you kn how it is when you studfor em. lo yelnom omce rim >> sometimes you have too much in your he had had. in the case of biden, whether his mouth get ahead of his head which is key factor. he has tendency to make blunders. my sense he may ercoensa for rfnc motoor lloo far t g yoeacon friday morning. ed rollins in new york. martha: we want to take to yocapitol hill where these hearings are abo to get
9:49 am
underway and perhaps the most effective person and prestati in e odonrellbe en mhson si surity am. he was the commander overseeing our security of our embassies in libya. he has a tremendous amount of experience doing security. he used to go running and exercing with woman ohier snss emdousunt of knowledge about the concerns that he says existed for some time and concerns he has about the amount of security that was being sent there by the state department. he's a little bit what he is expected to say. this is auote omn 'larom on cg . dersis toe forward with information and do not represent dod or any government agency. he had unique access and placement to many government leaders and agencies working in libya. ghtietli pa.lom w ce ath o
9:50 am
facebook with a public announcement that he would like to run around the embassy compound in troli. he goes on to talk about, how he was protected or the lack of protection or what tthir minb ar is just an inkling what we expect to hear from lieutenant colonel wood. bill: just gettingord another meningitis death reported in the state florida. the feds making aajor unntbohe rtellffngy hundreds of thousands of vehicles. what you need to know to stay safe on the road jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] ter urenrokep w m it thitivpaag ndido .nor that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire
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mo n, aoureheou t mer after russian feminist punk rock group.
9:54 am
the other two remain in prison. the women were given two year sentences back in august staging impromptu perfmancin aa carait pema s skewering president putin. she was thrown out of the before the performance was actually started. martha: details. go to florida where there is sad news. athdeasn niisutk. verom atlanta. jonathan, is there any end to this in sight at this point? reporter: you know the numbers keep going up out of florida. this is a 70-year-old man that they identified as dying om tis fal ngouak ie ftse tb ior bringing the national death toll to 12. even though this medication in question that was apparently tainted with evenhougthey werefsf
9:55 am
removed from the shelves on september 26, patients received the injection since may 21 and the cdc estimates 13,000 ople rvees he oieed igow treryg to figure out exactly how many of these peop are going to develop symptoms. listen. >> we don't know exactly, a this point wt the soalled attack rate is. at itheercee ivnechy maties we've contacted have not developed signs and symptoms of meningitis. >> reporter: fungal meningitis has a long incubation period which is why you're still seeing the numbers increase two weeks mp oouweeal. af ct but tennessee state health officials have observed incubation periods ranging
9:56 am
from six to 42 days and some experts believe there could be rare cases where seral owpthsgo by re le ng iif tsre patients as quickly as possible and get them treated as quickly as possible because they believe anti-fungal treatments will be most effective if applied eary. so, very ipotthif ntatdion to look out for any symptoms which can range from flu-like symptoms such as fever or headache to neurological problem such as numbnessand confuon. martha? e ooeoimpnt ll: erare new developments in the search for a 10-year-old girl vanished on her way to school. her parents are speaking publicly and police released a video that may help trac her down 'llkb te s. haitnth
9:57 am
eyte tybod ann romney, about her life on the campaign trail and how she handles attacks against her husband. think about the charges that lied? the other side said he lied his y through that who debate. how diou feboat heswo mts l igba
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
hackh few er un new revelations in the investigation into the terror attacks in benge r-frplt the statbenghazi. the state department is now saying there was never any protest outside of tt fil heec as th tepts fhi th's how we start a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." good to have you with us. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. we are learning about 230 security incidents reported in benghazi over the12 amadhrte,as rca kledn attack. he was apparently scared for his
10:01 am
life but requests for more security denied. all this surfacing t same day as a high prole congressional hearing is about to get undeay. martha: boy, this is a tgled inence cre therrie ve i washington. catherine, very important hearing this morning. what are we expecting to learn? >> thank you. we will hear from four witnesses who were the state department or military's point of cact rie i ha veigors obtni mes t showed 230 security related incidents in libya from june 11 until two months before the murder of four americans. they go well upon the attempted he mdeonation of benghazi of the ons, ied attack on the u.s. consulate in june. the 230 incidents painted a clear picture that securit was precarious. whe sulde ddoanenvonn
10:02 am
aliztise serity resources in accordance with a timetable. the state department woman talked about whether security forces were pulled back. tietls ashatgontohe dan o tses'm gusingill be covered tomorrow in the open hearing. again, these are all pieces that we are pulling togethe now. i'm not going to get in the back an forth of all of tt n. >>epor totlis deilat trin j under two hours from now, martha. martha: we started to raoet so read some of what lieutenant coloneood sin mrsi rar i er k tay reerw today. the main thing was they say
10:03 am
there was no demonstration in nghazi before the strike. on september7th we were fst deatioatethe out warng, and this one piece of data with us a critical detail that serely undercut the administration tiff's narrative that this was a crootrion tt sn tf e onme fiimpta is n hne the dails and reached any other conclusion that it was a terrorist attack that was premeditated and that it came in two way, first at the consulate and then at that an tph-rbgt neudheecit fice services. martha: it's amazing that they could be on such different traction. >> reporter: we could be gearing up for a major confrontation i the few weeks leading up t this elti bween thiou
10:04 am
thtaen rt:,atrine soh ngto date on all of these developments as she has throughout. we thank her. all these developments new evidence that there was an effort toover up or short of shaeupbg or tail aut w rlly ppg therod there. we will ask the chairman of the oversight reform committee, darrell issa. that hams at 10:30 right here. bill: gerr tt romney theate ohio prier govnorhr cisti several campaign events there. there they are in summit county northeast of akron where christie slammed the democratic party telling the crowd what he thought of the national convention chaot. y aew i tc temra natl con srerpbgs i did it as a sacrifice and service to my country. i sat on my couch in my living
10:05 am
room, i made my 12-year-old son wa bauet teloume a bot tuch bs i get light headed. i had to stay hydrated, stay with it and listen. bill: ohio was ctical of the roey camign. hoeinnghe ste h er wonhe rt i true? bill: new word to motorists about counterfeit air bags. they wl hold a news conference to alert thousands of drivers about air bags faing to inflate. a hdrntehles ckevthn tto in york. where do they come from. >> reporter: apparently from china bill. this is problem bleat last thing car owners would ever worry about. you assume if you get in a crash your air bags will inflate and deecou fromursr sao lely
10:06 am
fa tonfte or in at least one case shower a driver with shards of metal shap knell. sapnel. th mave bs. ey apply to any car or truck on the road that has had an airbagreplaced over the past three years, and that includes used vehicles as the the airbag may have been reac befe gh i w so to rair op w below market value. if you had your airbag replaced at a dealership you should be okay. bill: how do you know if your car is on the list. >> reporter: a press conference is expected to start any minute in whington revealing t tas. ehlefftere i he pss conference h started and the nhtsa is encouraging drivers to check a
10:07 am
wetnddvcesafer c.g. weit tlln reen. over a hundred models. unismwbg ras accu abg acuras, uo y to take your car to a dealership and get it checked. it could cost a hundred dollars for more and it's coming out of the drivers' pockets. bill: w gn xnco wanttoeehet ank. arnn romneys responding to claims that her husband lied at the debate. she says the obama campaign is acting like sore losers. >> it's sort of lik someone, you know, in the sandbox that lt, n they just aregoing
10:08 am
going to say okay the game -- we didn't like the game, so to me it's poor sportsmanship. martha: right after the break the rest of my interview with mrs. rnecong up. : hmat mte a ma explosion. what in the world happened here? martha: wow. andhat sparked this deadly post-wedding brawl? right after the break. itasnbievable. the only thing they could do is control it once it started. female announcer ] the best things in life are the real things.
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10:11 am
martha: she has been described as his rock on the campaign trail and there is no dou that governor romney has gained momentum since the victory at the presidentialebe l ek satownit peth night and als her reaction to the claims that he was dishonest during that
10:12 am
debate. watch. i'm joined now by mrs. romney. there are poll nbers out there this morning te g cpaer w tta by ting l thirne is the head to hid which shows governor romney ahead at 49% over president obama at 45%. that is a five percentage point jump since that octoberrd debate. let's take a loo ahe wen mbit lely te u s gerit a to president obama's 56. that is an 8 percentage point jump. that puts them neck-and-neck. mrs. rney you talked a lot abouthe women and tt rendheocti en wea aut ecic wen issues. you've been saying for women it's about the economy. have you been proven right? >> i was thrilled with my husband,oved the debate, ought it was terrifi ve been ger myousee i
10:13 am
thk people got a chance to do that at the debate. there have been as you know close to a billion dollars spent on negative ads on him. he's been so mischaracterized, meelteahedatta a rit was for people to see him unfiltered, listen with their ears, see with their eyes and say, this is a good guy. in particular with women, i think. they got to see setnghat svint t d icasp, compency somne who was energized, energetic ready to go and tackled the job. what mitt and and i have seen the last year and a half on the caaign trail i not numrs, an t n o h widespread the story is. in particular women are falling into unemployment in a higher number than men.
10:14 am
women are falling into poverty wh a seeg t, level thanen. wupe. it happens soften i wish i could take people with me on the trail. women come up, they are so frightened, they are crying, they've lost their jobs, their husbands have lost their jobs. they've been trying to g a job. esleoe tre, re nbe tan or hope that came across, because why mitt is running is to make the economic opportunities for pele out there who are really, really desperate. martha: there was a story over the weekend that sd est amhoinis ltiketonl well. so mucso many of us wondered when you walked up onhe stage with your families, did you sense wha had happened was differenthan threurs. >> all i no ts?
10:15 am
oced on husband. i was thrilled to death. martha: you knew. >> i knew right away after the first question. i turned to my son after 15 minutes and i gave him a nudge and i said, it's 100o zer ow e fstines. ner rllyng. wnergs i've had time to sit down now and for me to really think about it, obviously his answers were good and he was able to talk about his vision of the country and everything else and where he wants to take us, butor me it was the energy, the psihe cld tthiuy ady,nxus, and prepared to take over. martha: you know, everybody says the president will not let this happen twice, that he knows he was off his game that night, that he's undoubtedly working to come back. there is talk tha yourusba wie a , t iue ilmek bse t feel like portraying him as out of touch with the regular folks, with something that worked for hem early on. how do you ppare for those
10:16 am
attacks that are likely to come in this townall environment ennmngw is town ffen yhi >> dat is different. you can never predict what will happen. you just have to be ready, i just have to know -- for met all comes from conviction from within. you can't tell what questions are going to come, you can't tell what attacks goingome pleavee f its.ea cvi d i believe with all of my heart that my husband will make a difference for the future of this country, that he will make a difference in the personal safety, security, and everything se for american ppl smart, and they can listen with their hearts, and they can see. martha: now that the stakes are higher you look at this race and it is nec neck-and-neck and neck, what is your biggest oo speowut wou lookt next something trips up.
10:17 am
>> there are always things out of your trofplt you can onl your control. you can only be the best that you are. sometimes things re out of you control, there is nothing you can do rightow. relyel h ththe coy oi bet i he's president of the united states. martha: what do you think about the charges that he lied. the other side said he lied his way through the whole debate. >> lied about what? this i sethi h nglo hiishatelve stenis iis it's sort of like someone that, you know, in the sandbox that lost the game and they are going to kick sand in someone's face and say, you liar. they lost a now the are just going to say, okay, weid so teoo ma: hey come back with bain, with the 47% number. people say, why did he leave this on the table, why didn't he bring tt up. how will your husband respond to
10:18 am
that. martha t astlw hbolaty th o thi ihe tried to make lightf the fact that mitt has been successful, and, you know, that is what america is about is about pple having the opportunity to do ap er scethey wanto do, and w isry'trade ,ish it and say, you know, how bad you are for having been successful. mitt started his business. i mean we know what it's like to stt from a beginning and to mtha:hado yo ul w hee fnge llheossdea w now the pressure is on me i have to go up against joe biden, what wld you tell him, what is your advice in. >> i have no advice, plenty of people are giving him advice. i am going to call janna a ve h a h ohe pne pr ace.nd again all the condee in my husband, all the confidence in
10:19 am
paul. i'm excited again for the american people to see him. they don't kno him. he's such a great guy. he's so genuine, he's so earnest, so wl-ok fasg kwsis ea t bat r t really chance to get to know him. martha: if time you'll be able to yell at the tv screen while you're watching. you won't have to be quite as a church mouse in the front row. mr rnethank you for coming in. >> thank you. martha: they are clearly feeling good obviously about what happened. the thing she really felt the strongest about was her husnd she felt got a chance to be sn the way that she sees himthat heasnfted atad an o c f itn b malkeon the stage theyad not been on stage together in that environment. they got to look each other in the eye and lay it out and present their best case. they want to be in the position ey are in going into it but biha fstelely o
10:20 am
erin into the debate that i ge a little nudge to my son and said it's 100-to nothing. that's when he gotten to healthcare and medicare. martha:he whole economy. bill: exactly right. terrific interview andery revealg a hhe ton erg rt s iouw, isho s is, and she is not a woman who has trouble with confidence or presenting herself. she absolutely is who she is and we'll see who it goes from here. bill: we will. ware o horswaow inringsn appe ay t o khoill b tre buill lawmakers also hold secretary of state hillary clinton accountable? we are wting on that. martha: and police have released a home video to try to help to track down this little girl who is missing an aoweanger reir time. >> i try to stay positive about it but, yeah, it's hard,
10:21 am
extremely hard.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
bill: so police now have released a home video of jessica ridge way as her pents speak publicly for the first time since sheispear j de hg o fher th h disappearance. >> everybody that is here knows i didn't do anything, and nobody knows jerem-- nobody in this room did anything to harm her or wt d k hrin l it toind my daughter. i just want her back home. bill: now the parents are not together. the fatr lives i missouri
10:25 am
several states away. and ron wheelersme d neonut f onioou. >> good morning, bill. bill: as a detective you have given us a list of questions that you need to answer first in order to move forward in the investigatn. newspaper one is this. why jessica, why this ten-year-o girl? xactlybill aha titosnvtirs thlin this t-s particular case. let's look at facts real quick. jessica left for school at 7:45 a.m. last friy morning. very busy time, a lot of people going to work, other children going to sool. po, reas ror of medy sug wh somebody, so it's a little unusual, bill, that time of the morning for someone to be abducted, and a ten-year-old child, a ten-year-old girl can actually scream pretty loud. there are no reports whatsoever that any ofsehis h kence. l: h wc welcome back pack was found six miles away.
10:26 am
>> that's really peculiar. why six miles away. fr an iestigator's standpoint if this little girl was abductedot f fromer mehy wld bkpack sht walk no six miles, obviously someone had to take the backpack there. that's the part that the investigators are a little bit puzzled withight now. but i can tell you new information that just came out, they are scouring that entire area, bill, where t bacack sngorna ,osdee. :is pce evidence, the home video that went out. i guess this girl has a couple of distinct markers on her face that distinguishes her from other kids. tell me have the veo. fo a cld l ior aco rsons. want the people to get a look at the child, look at scars, little things on her face and listen for her voice. that's why you can actually hear theudible sound of her. sometimes you can hr ahild's annyhom beto
10:27 am
clelesblhishi ously the police will like for people to call. bill: she has a gap between her two front teeth and apparently a sore on her nose where her glasses sit and that apparently never goes away. the parents are speakin puly who mafh bi, wne tts c pclyut their child. we like to look at the parents and hear what they have to say but i have to caution the vires, be carefuthe viewers, be careful about the bodanag ma dmionheer tht th are saying and the way they are saying it although we do listen very closely to these types of press conferences. we want to make sure whatever the parents are telling the media is the same thing that they told us durin the police inrview. ar t pree morehinge. ary oom st of wat list? i only ask that because the father lives in missouri and the mother works an overnight shift
10:28 am
and apparently the school was calling her at home, they say, and the phone was never picked up, but the mother wor nigh aartlheles nghe d t excelle queson. and every investigation, this is just the real deal, parents and family members are persons of interest until we solve the actual case. so it's not unusual for the parents a other membe of the family tbeket i a c ts. eromar ents at hak pc place in this case, bill. i would be cautious to not read too much io this. bill: thank you for your time. we will stay ont. coligairoad y is abwheallonthd i benghazi on september 11th. >> i can just tell that you in realtime at the vy highest levels of our government they atckaswa. was a terrori ng that this was a
10:29 am
spontaneous attk, a major congressional hearing is about to get underway later today. darrell issa who will lead that hearing will join us shortly bill: also, wil tel y theho eildis g hig srtayg off if president obama wins a second term. what are his reasons? >> i wanted my employees to be co b o voting for the wrong candidate. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put y obcan... is it eaaschn.00 calories? drebr [ anc pes yottstisp. is it eaaschcaile .lories?
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with premiums low as zero dollars a month. but don't wait. the last day to enro is december seventh. call now. now from the first hearing getting underway on the hill on potential security lapses in libya leading up to the ddly consulate attack on september 11th. this coming now a new information is reale cln noeealdlla st butasledged full cooperation in the investigation. last hour senator bob corker, republican out of tennessee just returning late last night from a trip of his own to libya, told us tt he bieves thito pits. het issas terrist act. i think most of us knew and thought it was a terrorist act from the very beginning. now there are details that are coming out from the state department that are saying that, and, again, toe this is a
10:34 am
bihet ayt'deialct th moday's proceedings, chairman of t house oversight committee darrell issa. good morning to you, thank you for coming back on our program here. >> good morning, bill. bill: do you agree with senator corker's conclusion that this ha kw o daer, and there was an incredible lap lap in kng em n j asa d oers it's for ahe people serving over there. if that's correct it's own a rust anonerous and we'll get to the bottom of it. bill: it apprs fro the dement cpe coatn fr t departme i talked to secretary clinton
10:35 am
personally, she pledged cooperation and she said her ople would do so. there haveeen snicant ge tevy oen serng tseouri all ofherab countries needs to be increased or reviewed to find out if they have the same level of shortcomings that led to the death of ambassador stevens. bill: would y callecreta in t > agh a transcribing process of full her subordinates. if it leads to areas in which she is a fact witness of course she will. in general we start as we did here with the whistle-blower and siwa tet to tth, down and ha momtt is chgetoer. l: upon that answer y do not take that possibility off the table, right? we are clear on that? >> exactly. you never take it off the table. itould go sideways, it could pl tad placese house, the f
10:36 am
that had to fail for this tragedy to occur. bill: do you think they misled you and the american people? >> absolutely. there is no question as senor corker said, at least by the momp ambassador,oric me ambassador to the u.n. everyone ew it wasn't true. that becomes the real question of why in the wld would an ambassador make a statement that was n supported en a few hos after thett rt spo fiayfter the attack. bill: you have three principle players here, you have susan rice, hillary clinton and the president, right? are you suggesting that any of these individuals, or all of them, lied about this? wl, ct w gng go f ssori rice' false statement. you have to understand
10:37 am
something. the ason i called my committee back during the time when most members are home campaigning is because i thought it was so ri, usire that weet the refmbassies and consulates around the world and if this has been repeated even once, and i don't act quickly, then i failed to meet my obligation. if they need more resources, i need to make sure they ask for themnd tm. a ptefalngs told, effectively, don't even ask for more resources because we won't support that. you'll see that today in the hearingment. bill: if you believe you were misled and there was some sort of disrrection that was put out there publicly t question is why quonnd tnke'll get to the bottom of who thought it was in either political or career best interest to mislead the public, the world and yes, congress. but, again, today's hearing has thmecaneeonothe men and wenn
10:38 am
s assiha thi res safe as they are being l to believe they are, and if we are going to have our men and women risk their lives they have to do it with the kind of security tt historically has been provided to our bi:reppe urim hrgh tngil k we wl be watching from here and see how much you uncovered todayased on security in libya and other posts throughout the world. darrell issa thank you. >> you're most welcome. martha: the boss' letter that he wrot t h empye thos their jobs. so are business owners around this country feeling that way? we are going to talk to two financial analysts who join us next. bill: also, soong to piece ofca t i gss caol btl ha s isn so? bill: where are you going? ♪ if i could buy the world a coke and keep it company. that's the real thing.
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now save 50% on banners. bill: how about this for the end of an era for coca-co lgerliodin astl e lce bottle came off the assembly line end -l ending a tradition that started 80 years ago. 1960 along came the aluminum ca thgls btleasdor $ maha:here is nothing like a nice cold coke in a bottle that you have to use a bottle opener. there is a place by my house bo.iooomhem in an old vintage you t ie. lig here comes this for you a florida real estate mogul is warning of layoffs if the president is reelected. here is an email that is similar to one that has also circulated on thenternet that t
10:43 am
llse to if a fesreevied on me or my company as our current president plans he says i will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. that means fewer jobs, less nefits and certainly less opportunitfor everyone he says. siel we a tout ttav bjts ofocenry o tir own personal copy of versailles that they were trying to build in florida, ran out of money to finish the whole thing, now it's for sale. he claims he wants to make sure that his employees ustand theatns st. > aotoi fire anybody, or layoff anybody as a result of who they vote for, or who they lean towards, it's just i want them to know that wha the fur hds t a mart sohaddss othequestion raised by what he's saying in this email. joined now by matt mccall
10:44 am
president of the penn financial group l. l. c. and steve moore senior enomic writer for the "wall streoual" aur faismll." ihe no if u can question the business practices of somebody who builds a 35 or $45 million house that is supposed to be a copy of versailles. the reason we brought this u is beuse it raiseshe qstio thng b aoss toountry as they head towards the election. >> i don't think it's appropriate for employers to bully their employees in terms of what they vote for and i don't think that's what was happening here. i tnk it's quite aropriate for employers to educate tir rkuthemcaon rensigaxes. alot ohis show about when you talk about taxing the top 1, or 2 or 3% that those tend to be the employers in the country. i'll tell you thi also, martha aroulk to a lot of employers
10:45 am
hi n isolated. i talked to guy who owns 50 fast-food restaurants. he says the obama healthcare is going to cost him $11,000 more a itngtilr eloe. aroutfs. relaondaxes have and i do think they reduce employment. >> matt, david siegel says this. he says we pay state taxes, federal sacksess, property taxes, sale and use taxes. workers compensation taxes and emoynt tese t anirdtmo ge a tes. i guess even the people who help manage the taxes will probably still have their jobs either way. what do you think about that matt? >> if you take care of taxes and regulations your jobs will probly be booming in the next egak gd years in oma hes o is at are are paying so much in taxes there is a lot of uncertainty going forward that we may be paying more.
10:46 am
th united states has the highest corporate rate in the world. if wre going to be taxes the through obamaare,no uterigns wtp tto d hatre of a company whether it be a billion dollar company or a company with one hundred employees, if you're making less money you're going to have less employees. if you have less emplo that means that is one more person out of work. every person that is out o seic hinhe es, ripple effect moves down to the fact that you have to maybe layoff more people. it could be devastating going forward with tax and regulion going forward. martha: president obama said in miio doe't in tmsf tg ho suld be onerous to them even though many of them are owners of the size business we're talking about that do employ a lot of people. it is a sentiment. i talk to business owner as well who say, they are ling inni cpa,sentest, se o them jt lt'
10:47 am
hndoo onerous. >> it's a pervasive attitude, and taking the example that i just mentioned about the million dollars that these higher obamacare taxes will impose, i mean thats what, 50 or 10 pleeshis mag a an akene other point. it's not just taxes, martha, there is an attitude among a lot of businessmen and women around the country, especially small businessmen d womenhat they feel like washingnre t seha nsg just througthrough taxes or the healthcare law, it's osha, the department of labor invading their facility and acting that inntntn m irdxpd ou b that kind of environment. martha: steve thank you very much for being with us. matt thank you very much. see you guys soon.
10:48 am
bill: we will see jon scott in matter of moments. jon scott is coming upivn jo 13 i ye ti itatro ohi bl' ste. mitt romney holding a town hall in tha critical state with new jersey govnor chris christie. we'll take you there live as polls in ohio seem to turn in mr. romney's favor. the drip, drip o n dly laon aut meca ienghi contues. during the noon hour eastern time a gop-led committee on capitol hill will grill government officials on diplomatic security in libya. at did we know? whese pry jit forouiv rn is u t today? he's holding his first press conference in two weeks. will he make news? we'll have it for you. bill: you have a busy day. jon: yes we do. bill: paying for a good idea. there is a state dishing out ney to employees who hav eaoav tom haeat sneci
10:49 am
look at that. where all that went down, as bill and i come right back. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. deoud es mebion ret t e. to sframl' it's amazing what soup can do. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured stlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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a e hazardous material at a nap a county fairground. look what they did. there w only one thing they could do with it. the sheriff's department rigged the crate to explode. th wneundr cnag ether. it was use during medical procedures but not used any more. they believe it was stashed at the fai fairground for decas. tre ahe. ller sni bilntthat you that will fix budget problems. an employee suggestion program
10:53 am
who award state employees who propose the best budget saving ideas. anita vogel i on thisde ien f toho p wor t,ig if you worin arizona you could get a bonus in your paycheck for coming up with a good idea or two. the state of arizona did try this before, it didn't work too well. recently the governor signea new bill giving it another chance. emoyet 1 of ng tt t eahat end up saving the state money. >> i think it's a win-win. it benefits the ste, it benefits the employees. it helps to develop the mindset of how can weakhi >>or nthtas asnd fo have tried similar programs, some successful, some not so successful stphaot city osuessssl. ll choix
10:54 am
t ucss t og >> reporter: yes they have. take a lock at these folks, let's take a look at janis jabo. she came up withhe suggestion pnt a tn clndhtlar o ll. $2illion. and she ended up with an extra $3,500 in her pocket. and take a look at this group of water service workers, this is amazing. theyound a way to avoid ineadyntrje a than $3 million o $15,000 by creating their own product. theyere awarded $2,300 each. >> they come up with some really exllent suggestions, and have saved the cityany m lls. thamspecllovphas st years when we've tried to address the economic situation.
10:55 am
>> reporter: phoenix alone has saved nearly $15 million over the last nine years the cut for tow up to work.e bill: i would say. onward. thanks. live in l.a. there. martha: we are an hour away now from these hearings that are going to happen on what really happened on the groun in deertt aheaut t ouse evolving account of the events that led up to that day and what happened right afterwards. we will go there live when the hearing gets underway. ♪ ♪
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de when i arrived and somehow he went up in the middle of the brawl. i just can't believehat. onmomy thappens at edng into that party. there's a new moviethatw te cesulon grandson. time to mark the 60th anniversary of the comic strips debut. the best christmas special of all. >> it could b. e p te,hegh, stcaanheclc ris iawith the pianist. >> it can't ge


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